DCS 11
Windows 10 Compatible|PC-UNIX integration|SSH2 Support

TN3270 Client Option

Proven stability and excellent performance make DCS 11 the preferred business solution for customers who have the need to access multiple hosts in heterogeneous environments. With the availability of the TN3270 Client Option, the functionality of DCS 11 is extended to provide access to the IBM mainframe environment. It presents a consistent user interface and leverages the product’s powerful event-driven scripting functions for unrivaled application automation and extensive customization. The high degree of modularity expands functionality and eliminates the expense of unnecessary emulations.

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The TN3270 Client Option includes both 32-bit EHLLAPI and 32-bit WinHLLAPI dynamic link libraries to support Microsoft® Windows® applications requiring HLLAPI interfaces. Your custom applications can also call these libraries directly, to interact seamlessly with 3270 sessions.

Product Highlights

  • Common Access Card (CAC) support**
  • Microsoft Key Store (CAPI) support
  • PIV Native Login support / IBM Express Login (ELF)
  • Hotspot support
  • LU1/LU3 print
  • Multi-session capabilities
  • OLE compliance
  • Custom keyboard mapping
  • Custom menu editor
  • Custom toolbar editor
  • Custom hotspot editor
  • Event-driven scripting language
  • VB Interface

Network Connectors

  • Microsoft SNA Server with print support
  • Telnet (TCP/IP and IPX/SPX)

File Transfer Protocol

  • IND$FILE (Supports TSO, CICS and CMS)
  • FTP

Supported Emulations

  • TN3270E with print
  • 3287 Telnet printing support
  • 3278 Models 2 - 5
  • 3279 Models 2 - 5 (with and without extended attributes)
**Requires CAC/Smartcard reader