DCS 11
TN3270 and TN5250|Event-driven scripting|PC-UNIX integration|SSH2 Support

DynaComm Connectivity Series

DynaComm Connectivity Series 11 (DCS 11) provides a scalable, flexible and comprehensive terminal emulation solution for Windows. Designed for Microsoft Windows platforms, DCS 11 supports a wide variety of standard and add-on emulations, file transfers and connectors, including SSH1, SSH2, and Transport Layer Security (TLS). DCS 11 is powered by an enhanced architecture that maximizes performance while minimizing memory requirements and disk footprint. Additionally, all host access can be accomplished within a single instance of the application.

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Platform Support

Microsoft Windows 8 and above. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and above. (including 64 bit versions)


Control and usage of DCS 11 can be placed completely in the hands of the administrator, end user or both—depending upon access rights given by the administrator. Additionally, the administrator can centrally control the location of user files (either on the server or individual PCs) and all host access. For detailed administrator information on DCS 11 in "Getting Started with DCS 11 for Administrators", click here.

Customization Tools

With its menu editor, toolbar editor, attribute mapper, keyboard mapper and scripting language, all facets of DCS 11 can be customized to fit any enterprise environment. This allows seamless integration and eliminates the need to change the environment to fit the application.

Event-Driven Scripting

DCS 11 includes the only event-driven scripting language in the marketplace. It provides consistent scripting across all emulations, affords users unrivaled application automation and allows extensive customization of the interface. In addition to the proprietary scripting language, DCS 11 offers support for Visual Basic 5.0. This allows a user to take full advantage of the power and flexibility of both environments.

Object-Oriented Architecture

DCS 11 is based on an extensible object-oriented architecture which offers a high degree of modularity and complete OLE compliance, including both container and server. This efficient architecture enables multiple host connections from a single instance of the application, while maintaining outstanding performance.


DCS 11 supports SSH1, SSH2, and Transport Layer Security (TLS)


Supported Emulations

DCS 11 delivers more of what today’s users require with support for the following emulations included with the base product:
  • AT&T 4425
  • ADDS VP/60
  • ANSI-BBS with SCO ANSI extensions
  • AT&T 605⁄705
  • Digital VT-52, 100⁄102, 220, 320 and 420
  • HP 700/94
  • Tandem 6530
  • TeleVideo 925⁄950
  • Wyse 50/60

Network Connectors

Support for a variety of connection types is included in the base product. Connections can be made with virtually any communications device or network interface utilizing DCS 11’s wide array of connectors including:
  • Telnet (TCP⁄IP and IPX⁄SPX)
  • Modem (TAPI)
  • Direct Serial
  • Meridian LAT32
  • Microsoft SNA Server (available with TN3270 Client Option)
  • SSH1 & SSH2
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS) for TN3270 Client Option

File Transfer Protocols

  • XModem
  • YModem
  • ZModem
  • Kermit
  • FTP
  • IND$FILE (available with TN3270 Client Option)
  • IXF (available with Tandem 6530 Client Option)
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