Format of Script Examples

Each script example contains the following sections:

  • Project: Description of a sample project used for the example.

  • Algorithm: Explanation of the steps used to implement the project.

  • Product used in this example: DynaComm product and version used for the example. Commands and syntax of the Script Language vary slightly from product to product, but the steps and most of the commands are applicable to all DynaComm products.

  • Relevant Commands and Functions: List of Script commands and functions relevant to this type of project. See the on-line help for detailed syntax.

  • A Brief Example: Simple case to illustrate syntax and common programming issues. The Script Language is case-insensitive, whitespace insensitive. In the examples, though, we use ALL CAPS to indicate Script commands, functions, and keywords for ease of reading.

  • Further development: Description of desirable error checking, security, or other features for further development of related projects in this category.

  • Additional Examples: Links to related Script examples with description of what they do and how they might be relevant examples.